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Friday, December 30, 2011

Whoa! Been A While!!!

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long! Sorry!!! Which if you keep up with Facebook you pretty much know what’s been happening!

So, a little rundown!...
I am currently 23 weeks and 1 day along! Only 16 weeks 6 days to go! It has been insane how quickly time has flown by even though all the same we are soooo anxious to meet this baby! My pregnancy has been amazingly smooth sailing so far! I haven’t had any sickness to speak of, no out of the ordinary cravings yet! Although chili cheese fritos sound good when I’m craving something tangy or salty and oddly enough I never really ate them before! I was going every two weeks for my appointments and ultrasounds and had a slight case of placenta previa but by about 18 weeks it all moved to where it is supposed to be and since then everything has looked great! My doctor assured me after that that everything was going great and I could move to regular 4 week appointments but around that time I still wasn’t comfortable so I bumped to 3 weeks! After the three week appointment I went ahead and went to 4 weeks and wow! Talk about torture when you’re used to going so often! I have been feeling him move since about 19 weeks so it hasn’t been too bad since those little flutters are more reassuring than you know! He started out by kicking my heart Doppler which was too crazy! Oh and also the best $50 I’ve ever spent!

Ever since about 21 weeks I have been feeling more than just flutters for sure though! He loves to kick at night when we lay down to go to bed and really it’s the best time out of the day because chadd gets to feel him! As the days have gone by they get a little stronger and I’ve now started to feel him throughout the day! If my belly is pushed up against the shampoo bowl or my chair at work he sort of kicks at it which is just too cute to me! I tell chadd he likes to help mommy work! I have been carrying him quite low so the backaches are pretty rough when I’ve had a full day at work and my feet tend to ache by the end of the day more than normal! I’m pretty excited to try out a support band my sister in law is letting me borrow so maybe that will help! I just got it today so we will see.

Chadd has always talked to my belly since we first found out but it’s so cute to hear him talk to him so often. Every day when he gets home from work I get a big hug then he goes straight to Brody to tell him how much he loves him! It melts me every time he talks to him. It makes me that much more thankful and happy that I stuck with my battle and created this miracle for us! Oh and yes, if I’m being mean to him he is sure to tell brody to kick me! Oh yes by the way he has a name! haha

Brody Cotton-Lee Brown

Brody, just because we love it….Cotton is chadds grandpas name on his dads side. He was a trucker his whole life and to this day still has cotton blonde hair, therefore Cotton has always been the name we’ve known him by! (besides Papa of course!) he is a strong, caring man. From the day I met him he has always been so sweet and since we started our journey he has always been sure to ask me or chadd how “his baby” has been on all the medicines! He actually told us that we should just adopt because he didn’t like to see his babies suffer being on all these medications! He’s so sweet and caring and I know chadd got a lot of it from him! when we told papa on thanksgiving day the full name i think he was quite surprised and even had to sneak off according to chadds cousin because he got a little emotional! it was so cute! Chadds dad was Cottons only son, chadd was his first grandson, and this will be his first great-grandson so we figured: how appropriate!? Lee is chadd and his dad’s middle name. we wanted to carry on the name of course so they can all three share it! We love his name and love this little boy so much already!

We are slowly starting to get stuff for his room! He of course has all sorts of clothes already and every now and then when we are at the store we will pick up a pack of diapers just to help us out in the future! His walls are a dark denim blue which is what they have been! I originally painted it a long time ago, in secret hopes of a boy ;) we decided not to paint again since we have our house on the market so that way when we move we can have a fresh idea! We purchased a dresser for him from Santa fe furniture so he could have a nice one to grow up with, and my parents are buying his crib/changer for us! I’m so excited to get it ordered and get it here to finally start getting his room looking like a baby’s room! Chadds parents bought our car seat stroller which is red and grey and sooo pretty!

We decided to schedule a 4D sonogram in Abilene which will be February 4th that we are really looking forward to! Check Facebook for pictures! It’s at a place called stork vision and they let you bring as many people as you want and its up on big screens for everyone to see! They also give a dvd, cd with pics, and printed pics to take home! Can’t wait!!!

Well that was a doozy! I will go ahead and end it for now and will try not to wait 3 more months to update again! Thanks for reading and thanks for the prayers and support!!! 

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